Donald Trump a CEO failure

OK, Donald Trump is a con artist. Yeah, a compulsive liar. Maybe a crook. Much worse than that, he’s a flagrantly incompetent Chief Executive. Whether POTUS or CEO of General Motors or Berthod Motors, your responsibility is to surround yourself with the best and the brightest. Identify, attract, orchestrate, motivate and retain the very best talent available talent that is smarter and harder working than even you, which in this case wouldn’t be difficult!

Sure, piloted six bankruptcies, screwing lenders and suppliers in the process. Oh well, they should have known better.

How about 78% turnover in the White House top echelon positions? How about 31% multiple turnovers on his A-Team? How about nine of 15 Cabinet members turned over?

A recent Brookings Institute study labeled this chaotic turnover as “historic, unprecedented, off the charts.”

How do you explain this? Easy, he has no idea how to identify, attract, orchestrate, motivate and retain talent. The only organization he has ever run is his family business and the family is extraordinarily well compensated for putting up with his ridiculous oafishness. His daddy fed him with a silver spoon, which he damn near squandered and he has maintained that family tradition: Buy and own your “faithful” flock.

It’s understandable that few accomplished and ambitious talents would want to work for this guy. A bunch have given it a shot but either quit or were fired for failure to kiss his ring. Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo both have their eyes on the throne and if kissing rings or derrieres is part of the process, they’ll out-kiss the rest.

Even the most “asleep at the wheel” Board of Directors (think Enron) would have fired this guy two years ago.

Jim Noyes