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Don is done

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a pardon as “A remission of the legal consequences of an offense or conviction.” A secondary meaning, pertaining to the Christian Church, defines pardon as “An indulgence, widely sold in medieval Europe; (historians have found these could be corruptly bought from the Church as a pardon for a lifetime’s sins.”)

This medieval definition seems oddly relevant to the new avalanche of unscrupulous “pardons” thrust upon us by our outgoing sociopath in chief.

These indulgences were of course paid for with bloody, treasonous, criminal acts. But it’s been a very long year and I’m reaching my limits of anger and exasperation. So, let’s play a fun word game! Pardon: an indulgence. Par: French preposition meaning “by.“ Don: old white man typically under investigation in New York City. Translation: pardon = by Don = bye Don! = BIDEN! Ah-ha! Everything makes sense now.

Merry end to 2020, and may a happier New Year get here sooner than my Christmas packages!

Christy Yoest




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