Dolinseks set the record straight |

Dolinseks set the record straight

It is important for me to underscore some information regarding the Dolinsek property, which has been a topic of controversy as different entities have tried to make “improvements” in the vicinity of Lift 1A at the base of Aspen mountain.

I feel privileged to have come to know the family over recent years — and am grateful for their willingness to share their vast memories and knowledge of “old Aspen” before most of us were here. Frank and John and Josie have filled the Aspen Historical Society archives with wonderful stories for the ages. Frank and John have passed on now but recently, during World Cup week, I visited with Josie (Josephine Dolinsek) and her niece Peggy. Josie is disturbed about stories in different newspaper articles implying meanness because she feels misrepresented.

To clarify, the Dolinsek family harbors no resentment toward Aspen Skiing Co. or, for that matter, for the community. Frank and John both worked for Skico for years and felt tremendous loyalty for their employer.

Somehow, their desire to keep their property unencumbered by any mechanical devices — to keep it pristine as it always has been since their original homestead was built — has been misconstrued into a “punishment” or a “power play” with the assumption that they wanted to spite Skico or the city. I confess that I tried to convince them to be receptive to a lift and I regret any unintentional role I may have played in the misunderstanding. The sale of the property to the city and the family wish for a park with an easement held by Aspen Valley Land Trust is a spectacular gift to the community and their generosity can and should be acknowledged by all of us.

Georgia Hanson


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