Dogmatic critics of Ascendigo proposal |

Dogmatic critics of Ascendigo proposal

The neighborhood of Missouri Heights is under serious threat by the proposed Ascendigo development. This week, I participated in a neighborhood protest during the Garfield County commissioners’ site visit. Accompanying me were my dog Mochi and a friend’s dog, Harper. Following is my diary entry for the day.

“Harper participated in his first Protest March today and did very well. He did get a little tired and I carried him for a while but all in all he was a Concerned Citizen and exercised his right to peacefully protest. On the other hand, his friend Mochi spent most of her time running around smelling the other dogs’ butts and generally not giving the situation the serious attention it required. I’m going to have a little talk with her about Civic Duty. But I’m proud of Harper; I see a great political future for him. Perhaps State Senator as a first step? The sky’s the limit!”

Sue Craver