Dog killer deserves what’s coming |

Dog killer deserves what’s coming

A special province of society is it’s obligation and responsibility to protect and care for the defenseless, young, elderly and infirm. Add the family pet.

The public outrage and disgust manifested regarding this incident is not hate speech. Distilled to it’s simplest form: it’s reaction to a senseless murder of a child’s puppy. Ms Myer is sadly mistaken if she believes there are bigger issues to consider; there is no bigger issue than taking a life.

Sawing the log of the public’s failure to recognize the defendant as a mere child is weak. Lacking knowledge and understanding of this particular defendant’s background, history of where he comes or the cards life has dealt presents a poor foundation for defense. Life by definition is a tough bounce for us all. Please remember the day of the incident the defendant fled the County Courthouse where his representative was to defend a previous transgression from 2017. This child’s history appears to demonstrate a lack of character and, apparently, disregard for life.

Losing a true, close friend or relative in the course of life is always traumatic; same for a family pet. Here the parents are devastated. The little girl is crushed. They will recover but never forget.

As part of punishment, the defendant child should be required to lose his trigger finger; it would serve him as a constant reminder of the pain and suffering he created in the lives of the Friel family when he killed their pup.

In this case, if there is punishment, it will not fit the crime.

Richard Sierzant

Snowmass Village