Doctoring Ascendigo’s spin

I’m the volunteer webmaster for We oppose Ascendigo’s proposal to build a facility in our rural neighborhood. However, even as a group of residents, we strive to be professional, ethical and truthful.

We’ve adopted the reputable “GoFundMe” and iPetitions applications to collect donations and petition signatures. We put a disclaimer on our website, should some of our information become outdated. We’ve even acquired permission from Garfield County prior to using our electronically signed petition. We are volunteers.

However, Ascendigo, who uses paid staff, is releasing a Google Form and providing very limited and apparently incorrect information to get citizens to show support (in a quasi petition) for their “camp.” In the first five minutes, I was able to create duplicate entries on their “Supporter Form.” I got no email verification that I’d signed and no opportunity to correct the form.

This is just another example of a red flag with this proposed project in Missouri Heights. If a group of volunteer residents can properly inform and gather petition signatures in an advanced and legitimate way, why can’t a nonprofit that has spent millions on this project? I believe it is due to either incompetence or a concerted misguided effort to spin the facts and build their “ranch.”

Should you receive a request from Ascendigo to support their project, we request that before signing their list of supporters (multiple times, if desired), please first get the whole story at Once you understand the facts, you can sign our real petition.

Susan Sullivan