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Distractions down, look around

In response to the tragic “accident” regarding the death of 5-year-old Hannah Heusgen, my heart, prayers and healing thoughts go out to all who are involved and those who have been in anyway connected to this heartfelt tragedy.

I remember a year ago seeing the headlines! As my eyes subconsciously averted the article, flashbacks of a very similar incident occurred in my family when I was very young. I was greatly impacted by this, as our family suffered in silence and the dynamics of our family life was never the same. I will never know the details behind this “accident,” but I remember the feelings that surrounded this tragedy.

If I could change my family’s past, I would in a heartbeat! If I could change the split second it took for Heidi to avoid hitting Hannah, I would! Lives were taken in seconds, leaving the forever “why” and heart-wrenching emotional feelings that will forever linger.

I am as guilty as maybe most drivers today of not putting 100% attention to road worthy detail!

Today I honor the life of Hannah Heusgen and all those connected in any way. I also honor all lives taken in split-second vehicle accidents leaving behind the response of the driver, “If only I …. !”

We all, including me, need to be reminded as we drive through Aspen, Snowmass Village, Basalt, Carbondale and any town or city involving preoccupied and self-absorbed pedestrians.

Distractions down, look around!

We all know what it means! Put down the phone, eat later, tune out the kids and pay attention! Let’s now put it to practice!

Remember Hannah …

Katie Reeves

Snowmass Village