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Dig now, sue later

Once upon a time there was a guy called Hadid who thought it would be great to build a huge hotel at the base of Aspen Mountain. Even though he didn’t have all the necessary permits, he began digging a great big hole. He dug and dug and dug until the hole was so big that aspiring mountain climbers went there to practice how to rappel.

Somewhere along the way, the financing went south and for two or three Christmas seasons, enormous cranes at the site were decorated with Christmas lights, which was kind of a nice gesture.

When I read the article saying the city would be sued if huge, sterile affected chain stores would not be allowed in an effort to preserve some atmosphere around here, I experienced a deja vu moment and Hadid came to mind. He, too, said he’d sue the city if the city made him fill in the great big hole he had dug, where the St. Regis now stands.

The city caved. Lawyers! Run for your (political) lives!

This routine seems to be a pattern amongst heavy hitters. I don’t mind that the St. Regis is there, but I hope the city isn’t so mushy this time.

Pat Milligan