Diane Mitsch Bush is your candidate

Again, I would like to respond to my friend Fred Malo’s letter from May 29. Insinuating that Diane Mitsch Bush has ties to any sort of anti-environmental industry because of her endorsement from Ken Salazar is so farfetched and simply a smear. You can’t possibly be questioning if Diane will truly champion our environment? How do you explain the fact that she was 2017 Conservation Colorado’s Legislator of the Year recognizing her years of work protecting our environment? Or, how about her recent endorsement from our former Gov. Bill Ritter? Ritter is renown for his work here in Colorado on renewable energy and he’s now the Director of the Center for the New Energy Economy at Colorado State University. Ritter called Diane, “the pioneering, forward-thinking, environmental steward we need to protect our home, Colorado’s way of living, and our economic foundation.” Or, how about her endorsement from the Progressive Democrats of America, part of whose platform is to fight for environmental protection and a green energy future? Or, how about we just reference her stellar legislative record where she’s received 100% score cards from every environmental organization you can think of. Diane has also taken the No Fossil Fuel Pledge as well as the No Corporate PAC pledge in this race. Year after year, Diane has fought for our environment and she has a record and incredible endorsements to prove it. If you want an environmental champion in the US House, Diane is your candidate.

Tricia Farrell

Glenwood Springs