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Diane Mitsch Bush is a courageous leader who stands up to NRA

I applaud Eric Seward for his call to action in his May 22 letter. Yes, in the face of such disgraceful inaction in Congress, we must “elect leaders who have the courage to stand up to the gun lobby and enact real, meaningful change.” So why not vote for Diane Mitsch Bush? She’s the only candidate in the race that has actually stood up to the National Rifle Association. She has already demonstrated that she is exactly the courageous leader you describe, someone who stands up to the gun lobby and enacts real, meaningful change. In 2013, she voted in the Colorado House for full, universal background checks and magazine capacity limits. Prior to the vote, she faced weeks of smear campaigns in her hometown and this vote actually cost a few of her colleagues their seats. However, she delivered for the voters. Thanks to her and her fellow legislators, Colorado has prevented about 300 violent, convicted felons from accessing guns each year (according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation). When it comes to this issue, Diane has had our backs for years now, standing up for what’s right and deservedly earning an “F” rating with the NRA. If you want change on the national level, vote for someone who’s already delivered exactly what you want — sensible gun safety. Vote for Diane.

Alex Feuer

Snowmass Village