Developer should be ashamed

As someone who has spent many summers in Aspen over the past 30 years, I find it shameful that a developer, who obviously doesn’t live in the east end, can even challenge the code change allowing for more high-density complexes!

He obviously is only trying to line his own pockets! This in no way is a positive move for Aspen! The town has gotten so crowded in the summer with cars, it is almost dangerous! The east side takes the burden already for many of the cars coming over the pass and people working in town!

Last summer at the Chateau Roaring Fork, the lot was totally full. Many days we were forced to park on the street several blocks away. How can there be adequate parking on these small lots? What this developer is trying to do on 1020 E. Cooper is also shameful! The historic cabin should be a highlight in that area, not just another overbuilt lot!

Aspen needs to put its foot down before it’s too late! (We found a place on the west side this summer, thank goodness! )

Karen DeGeurin