Derek Johnson: grace under pressure |

Derek Johnson: grace under pressure

Derek Johnson: grace under pressure

Dear Editor:

I thought this mayoral election would be an easy selection for me as I am a long-time friend of the Johnson family and an active supporter of Derek’s campaign. I am not, however, one to sit back and ignore all else that is going on around me.

After following the election to date, I am more sure than ever that Derek gets my vote for mayor. I have known Derek for 15 years and in all that time I have never known him to get riled by any situation. He has always been a great listener and has had a calm, positively humorous response to any grievance, challenge or question. By humorous I do not mean condescending. Rather than creating a more stressful environment with knee-jerk reactions, Derek uses his great sense of humor to bring the conversation back on a positive track.

Derek has always addressed major issues with a lot of thought, time and consideration before weighing in. Despite his gift for levity he does not take any situation or concern lightly. He cares about us, the now and the future of this community. He works tirelessly on our behalf, whether it is on a local nonprofit board, on the sidelines of the football fields, or in his office promoting tourism in our tourist-driven resort.

Derek is a father, husband and a manager. These roles require patience, listening skills, leadership and a positive attitude to be successful. He has proven success in all of these roles. I have no doubt he can carry this experience over to the job of mayor.

I trust that under Derek’s leadership Aspen will continue to be one of the premier resort towns in the world.

I hope you select to vote Derek Johnson for mayor. Our right to vote is a gift that should not be ignored. Please take time in the next week to cast your vote for positive leadership of our very special town.

Kim Allen


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