Dems taint ballots to gain political wins |

Dems taint ballots to gain political wins

Tom O’Keefe of Carbondale is so trapped in his political binary hell that he thinks criticism of Democrats can only come from a “sore loser” — an apparent reference to a generic Republican. If we may assume he identifies with Democrats, Tom has more reason to be critical of his own party than a nonpartisan like myself, for reasons of personal credibility.

Democrats spent many months using administrative and judicial methods to change election laws in many areas of the country. In almost all examples those changes weakened, and in some cases severed, the verifiable link between a registered elector and their vote. A man might still need a ballot to effect political change, but a ballot no longer needs the man.

This is not a case of secret plotting and conspiracies. Democrats were very open and proud about their efforts, and many want to expand these changes to other states.

There are so many ways to insert disembodied ballots into the system it is ridiculous to pretend that the new voting rules, in either the current or future elections, could not be used to contaminate the results. If Democrats are going to be in control, they need to wake up and take responsibility for fixing the mess they created. We are very close to a future where whichever side finds the most creative ways to cheat — will win.

It will be very sad if that sort of meritocracy is the best we can achieve.

Jeffrey Evans



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