Dems kill immigration deal

Sen. Dick Durbin says the president defamed Haiti and Africa. The entire Leftocracy beat the racist drum for days. On Sunday, Sens. Tom Cotton and David Perdue said Durbin lied. Either Durbin lied or Cotton and Perdue lied. Who cares?

What’s important is whether Congress and the president can agree on immigration reforms. Citizens who want immigration reformed should be mad as hell at anyone who’s preventing agreement.

That would be the Dems. Here’s how we know:

An agreement can emerge from private meetings such as the one this past week if the discussions remain private. That builds mutual trust and promotes deal making. The way to kill an agreement is to announce publicly what people said or are said to have said in the private meeting. That kills trust and any hope of a deal. So it’s easy to tell who wants a deal and who doesn’t.

The blabber is the deal killer. That wasn’t the president or any other Republican. It was Dick Durbin, a Dem. Durbin knows how to kill an immigration deal. And that’s what he did.

Maurice Emmer