Democrats should look ahead, not behind |

Democrats should look ahead, not behind

“What Happened” is the name of Hillary Clinton’s new book. She wasted her time. Her words on a recent trip to India makes it crystal clear what happened to her 2016 bid for the presidency.

It wasn’t Russia. It wasn’t James Comey. It wasn’t the Electoral College. Clinton knew what the rules were before the election and is bound to live by the result. This was an extraordinary election where both candidates were sore losers. Donald Trump didn’t even lose, but he’s a sore loser who continues to whine about the 3 million votes he lost the popular vote by, insisting they were fraudulently cast.

Clinton said the people who voted for Trump were poorly educated and reactionary haters and white women who can’t stand up to their husbands. Hey, that used to be the Democratic Party base. The solid South used to be solid blue. The working class, the union members were staunch Democrats.

As for the white women, look in the mirror, Hillary. Somewhere along the line, the Democratic Party decided campaign donations were easier to get from Wall Street billionaires than the grassroots.

The Virginia governor, Alabama senate and Pennsylvania house races show signs the Democrats may be recovering their old base, but with a big midterm election coming up this November, and perhaps a bigger primary in June, they’d better work on a new base.

Trump’s job approval rating with millennials is 19 percent. Three million millenialls reach voting age each year. The millennial support for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primaries was impressive. They weren’t so inspired by Clinton. Millennial voter turnout in the 2016 general election was 49 percent.

If the Democrats are going to succeed this November, they’d better leave behind the tired old liberal mainstream candidates and go for progressives.

Fred Malo Jr.


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