Democracy in peril |

Democracy in peril

This wonderful nation of ours is destined to be destroyed by two of its strongest principles — freedom of speech and capitalism.

Who would have ever believed that this country would be attacked by an external force and have a significant portion of its citizens refuse to defend it? Who would have ever believed that a defeated presidential candidate would not concede? Who would have ever believed that United States citizens would violently breach their own capitol to prevent a peaceful transfer of power?

But that is precisely what occurred during these past two years. We all are sickeningly familiar with the facts.

The question is: How and why?

How: Freedom of speech — permitting a small handful of politicians and cable news commentators to dispel, with impunity, doubts and lies about our defense against COVID-19, the validity of our election and the egregious significance of the Jan. 6 insurrection. And, in doing so, exponentially expanding the political wedge seriously infecting our population.

Why: Capitalism — that expanding wedge enables cable news commentators (to name just one segment of the dilemma) to increase their viewing audiences, which in turn increases their income — little (none) incentive to reduce the tensions they are creating.

Solutions: They are not simple nor easy, but it behooves the reader to participate in the effort to find solutions — not to ignore this existential threat to our democracy.

Replies would be a good start.

Donald Flaks


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