Democracy in peril |

Democracy in peril

It’s alarming that there’s no investigation into the involvement of Rep. Lauren Boebert in the conspiracy to tamper with election equipment in Mesa County.

Tina Peters is seen on video telling her account of multiple meetings that included Boebert before and after the crimes were committed. Apparently this state also has a double standard in the treatment of rich people with power versus poor folks without. Conspiracy of elections tampering is worse than the majority of crimes that regular people often go to prison for, yet it’s apparent that sabotaging and attempting to kill our democracy isn’t all that important to the people in charge of this state. Apparently, if you are rich you can do whatever you wish without any consequences.

Meanwhile, millions of people are imprisoned every year for far less serious crimes. It’s time to end the double standard and hold everyone accountable; no more free passes to people with power or money to act as they please with total disregard for the law. If poor folks go to prison for their crimes, then so should rich folks. Seems to me justice isn’t blind in this country, it can see dollar signs and titles quite well. Corruption seems to be the norm these days and quite frankly, it’s sickening. If Sen. Bennet and Sen. Hickenlooper do not speak out and take action against this, they are contributing to the death of our democracy and the furtherance of class inequality.

Megan Jewell


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