DeGolia will watch out for environment

Ranchers, like most people living in the Crystal, Roaring Fork and Eagle valleys, rely on clean air, clean water and a stable climate for our livelihoods. Protecting local land and water and ensuring a rapid transition to a clean energy future to protect our climate are critical to another 100 years of sustainable agriculture. By voting in the Holy Cross Energy board elections this month, you can support this transition and ensure local food security for future generations.

Alex DeGolia, running for the Western Territory seat, is the best candidate to tackle these challenges. Through his service on the Thompson Divide Coalition board and work on clean energy and climate advocacy at the Carbondale-based Catena Foundation, Alex is already active in protecting local land and water. He has a PhD in environmental management, served as a White House natural resources staffer and would be an excellent addition to an organization that’s made significant progress on these issues in recent years (

Your Holy Cross ballot will arrive in the next few days. Remember to fill it out and return it, and we hope you will vote for Alex DeGolia to protect our region’s environment for years to come.

Bill Fales and Marj Perry