DeGolia has right traits for Holy Cross board |

DeGolia has right traits for Holy Cross board

A quote from Albert Einstein that helped inspire me to run for elected office almost 20 years ago was: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” I translated this quote into a campaign slogan of “A New Perspective.”

Fast forward two decades and I remain convinced that our perspectives must continue to evolve in order to successfully address the amazingly complex challenges we face today and will continue to face for decades to come. I would argue that utilities, particularly electric utilities are in the eye of the storm.

What continues to inspire me is that our greatest lever to solve these challenges, without question, is local agencies, which includes local electric coops like Holy Cross Energy. It is imperative that Holy Cross be innovative, collaborative and entrepreneurial, while at the same time being measured and responsible stewards of the incredibly vital systems they manage on our behalf. I see Alex DeGolia fitting that mold quite well.

Alex is energetic and thoughtful. He has intelligence backed by field experience. He has helped solve complex problems by asking the right questions and forging strong relationships. He brings a new perspective to the table yet his family has strong roots to the valley.

The town of Carbondale relies on Holy Cross Energy in many different ways and in some ways our future success is intertwined. I look forward to Alex helping us achieve that success. Please vote Alex DeGolia for HCE board.

Dan Richardson