Deflate Aspen before it pops |

Deflate Aspen before it pops

Andy Stone’s guest column in The Aspen Times, (“Aspen and the 5-pound sack,” Sept. 23, 2021) humorously says what’s obvious: The Aspen sack was stretched beyond what it could hold in traffic and people this summer.

Increasing highway lanes into Aspen and adding more underground parking downtown only stuffs more vehicles, more gridlock and more pollution into a temporarily larger sack.

There are some pesky problems about forbidding any but Aspen cars within the town limits: Highway 82 is a state highway supported by state taxpayers. There would need to be expansive underground car parks throughout the valley and at Brush Creek to hold many cars for many commuters and visitors transferring to mass transit. Would delivery trucks be permitted only between 2 and 7 a.m.?

But these are problems, and problems have solutions. Solutions I am so grateful for, not owning a car, are RFTA, Car to Go, WE-cycle and improved pedestrian crossings.

Think big, Aspen, and design outside the box!

Sara Garton


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