Deep breaths, Aspenites |

Deep breaths, Aspenites

Yes, our visitors can be overwhelming at times. They enable my sumptuous Aspen lifestyle. Thank you. We have an embarrassment of riches in this town and it is due to our visitors and our locals both.

That said, I would remind everyone that the way you treat others is the way they will, ultimately, treat you. We are a service industry town and at which, if I do say so myself, we do not suck. We do need quiet buses for that downvalley commute back to the low-rent district. We need a titch of understanding that throwing more money at the sky will not make the planes land or take off faster. After all— it’s a vacation, not a board meeting — even if the same people are in attendance. So sit back and let it things happen instead of trying to make them happen.

For my fellow locals — take that early walk, or run, or skin, or just a sip a cuppa watching birds at the feeder to clear your head keeping that precious quiet space protected while dreaming of Canyonlands where we will inflict the same insanity on our Utah brethren.

As Stuart Mace once said to me, “Three deep breaths will cure anything.” Breathe and breathe deep — there’s less oxygen up here. The mountain doesn’t care, the mountain will be here long after we are gone, and for that we are thankful.

Ziska Childs