Declare war on oil industry

In the 1980 film “The Formula,” Marlon Brando played an oil tycoon — like John D. Rockefeller, J. Paul Getty, Rex Tillerson, take your pick. Brando listened quietly while a subordinate suggests they blame the Arabs for the oil embargo and the manipulation of the oil market by creating phony oil shortages, driving the cost up, then suddenl, producing a glut and raking in the profits.

“Your missing the point,” Brando mumbled. ”We are the Arabs.”

Don’t kid yourself. It’s not the Arabs, or the Russians, or the Venezuelans, or the Mexicans who are responsible for the many evils of the oil industry. It’s big American oil. They tell the cartels what to do.

It’s big oil that has killed thousands of workers and innocent bystanders drilling, storing, refining and transporting their product. They’re the ones that initiated the Gulf War, the Afghanistan War and the Iraq invasion. Oil related scandals like Teapot Dome mar American history.

Oil exploration has negatively impacted wildlife to a massive extent. Perhaps big oil’s worst crime is they have conspired to ruin our environment and climate.

Does it sound like my colleagues and I have declared war on big oil? Well, we haven’t taken on any weak sister, have we? Big oil has more money and political influence than any entity in the world. We’ll call a truce when they end their war on our environment and climate.

Fred Malo Jr.


Letter to the Editor