Decide for yourselves about Ascendigo |

Decide for yourselves about Ascendigo

I’d like to respond to the letter to the editor entitled “Attacks on Ascendigo are unfair and untrue.” (June 10, The Aspen Times)

The allegations of lies and “conspiracy theory”-type attributions have nothing to do with the group of neighbors calling itself Keep “Missouri Heights Rural,” and even so, I seriously question their validity.

If the neighbors are misrepresenting facts, then explain why in their application, Ascendigo’s whole premise, that their ranch has a lower impact than the approved 15 lots, is based on a varying number of homes on those lots. Per Garfield County, the number is 15 with possibly 4 ADUs

— Introduction: “The previous subdivider envisioned 13 homes at Whitecloud and possible ADUs and eight homes on the Levitt property, altogether about 23 units on the 126 Acres.”

— Responses to land-use requirements: “The previously approved subdivision and Levitt properties could have accommodated 21 homes and additional ADU’s while being consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.”

— Engineering Report: “Under current zoning, each home in Whitecould Ridge could have an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), for a total of 26 possible residential units.” “Under current zoning, each home in Harmony Heights could have an ADU for a total of 16 residential units.”

— Traffic Study: Existing Facility: “White Cloud Ridge includes 13 residential parcels. Harmony Heights includes 2 residential parcels. Per a memorandum from Zancanella and Associates, Inc2, a total of 23 residential dwelling units could be constructed including accessory dwelling units.”

— Traffic Study: “Land use Assumption: Per Zancanella and Associates Inc., the trip generation is based on 13 single-family units, 2 guest homes in the White Cloud Ridge Subdivision, and 8 single-family units on Harmony Heights (Reserved by Levitt Family Trust).”

What’s the truth, and who is telling it? You decide.

Susan Sullivan