Debauchery on display at Super Bowl halftime show |

Debauchery on display at Super Bowl halftime show

Super Bowl halftime family show? Not so much. What I viewed was a vulgar, shameless display of what was supposed to be “talent” and “entertainment.”

What I saw was anything but. Nothing could have caused more damage to the “MeToo” movement, and the women brave enough to come forward who have been sexually abused, preyed upon by “animals” and very “sick” individuals living and working among us.

I kept hearing in my mind things like “they asked for it.” Well, the “show,” in my opinion, certainly supported that statement, and most certainly fueled the minds of sick individuals with twisted fantasies. The ones who prey on innocent children, women and boys — destroying lives forever.

The show, close to pornography (again, in my opinion) was labeled entertainment with the stamp of approval because it sells. Sex sells. Yes, and in our very own valley we have sex trafficking.

What are we teaching our children? Everything and anything “goes” if it sells, a commodity, money. What happened to the concept of right and wrong, morals, modesty and decency. Old fashion, of course!

I have many times heard the references made about men — “they are nothing but animals” — but as I turned off the TV, in total disgust, I wondered who the animals really are — they were not on the football field.

Patsy Teague Morrison