Day of Prayer event set for Thursday in Aspen |

Day of Prayer event set for Thursday in Aspen

I am hoping this will bring you a little joy and peace today. It seems there is so much division these days in our political scene and there are so many people grumbling all the time. My heart aches at this, especially here in our quiet and peaceful Aspen.

When we are very strong about who is right and who is wrong it involves at least some pride and often times aggravation and anger. I am asking all of us to set that aside, at least for a couple of hours on this Thursday, the National Day of Prayer. (

The theme this year is unity. I know we can never all agree on one particular way, but there must be some unity and peace in where we live to be able to truly enjoy our lives. For one day, please stop at some point in the day and take some time to reflect on the things that you are thankful for and let no unwholesome word come out of your mouth except that which is to build up others and that others might hear that.

There is a God who truly cares about each of us, enough to pursue us and be available. When we do this in numbers it is very amazing. If you don’t believe in him, tell him that and ask him to show you who he is “if” he is real. He will.

Perhaps reach out to someone you have been less than kind to and do or say something nice to and about them. I know, beyond a doubt, that you will experience a new kind of day. Perhaps choose a safe time and place to do the grumbling. Be watchful for your families. What is spoken aloud changes the atmosphere as all of us have seen.

Breathe in all the good He has for you and breathe out all of the yuck. John and I are hosting the National Day of Prayer from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Paepcke Park by the gazebo. Come for a hug and some love with any and all who will care enough about our world to join us. Thanks so much for considering doing this.

Pam Fisher