Darn right, I’m angry

Since Jane St. Croix Ireland decided to dedicate a whole column (“Connecting through compassion,” April 8, The Aspen Times) to my comments to her, in 683 characters I reply: In studying the Holy Gospels one will read of a “perturbed” Jesus the Son of God, who fashioned a whip out of cords and took down the money makers in the Jewish temple. There are several times during Jesus’ ministry where he was “perturbed,” especially at the high-ranking Pharisees who trembled at the thought of losing their power.

So if the Son of God has trouble keeping indignities to himself without getting perturbed, how do you suppose the rest of us mortals can keep quiet about the cruel and unnecessary evil of things like abortion. Angry, you bet! Someone find me some cord!

Kim Baillargeon

Aspen Village