Damn right, I’ve got the blues

It’s a sad day for music lovers. As you may have heard through the grapevine, Aspen Public Radio has dropped all music programing on the station.

This station was built on the jazz programming. One of the things I find so unique about our community is the ability to draw major, big-name entertainment, from Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Theatre Aspen, Jazz Aspen Snowmass to Belly Up and Aspen Music Festival, for such a small town. I have seen so many legends come through this little mountain town! I feel so blessed. We have a very rich appreciation for arts, culture and history.

One of the things that drew me to the blues is its history. There’s a backstory, and a culture, that if not told, could be lost. That is what I aimed to do with my programming on The Blue Horizon Show, formerly on Aspen Public Radio. Hopefully my program will find another platform. Thank you to all my local and worldwide streaming listeners for your support since 2004!

Cheryl “Bluebird” Koehne

Producer/Host, The Blue Horizon Show