Cyclists show appalling behavior toward deputy |

Cyclists show appalling behavior toward deputy

Over the years I have been obliged to accept the various accidents my sister Molly Ireland, my brother-in-law, Don Bird, and my brother Mick Ireland have gotten into because they are avid sportsmen and women.

Don’s accident, however, is particularly painful. Pitkin County Deputy Anthony Todaro assisted him, but the unwillingness of the 100 cyclists he encountered on his way to Don’s crash site made it a burden, as he had to negotiate a road blocked by these uncooperative riders.

One woman even admonished Deputy Todaro because she, in her opinion, had the right of way.

My brother-in-law has a head injury; he may end up in long-term care because of it.

I honestly do not understand why these cyclists refused to pull off the road so Deputy Todaro could extend medical aid.

Don has been a member of the Ireland family for 40 years; this terrible accident is heartbreaking to me. As for his fellow cyclists, their entitlement and selfishness is appalling.

Anne Ireland

Richmond, California

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