Cutting off Aspen Public Radio

Echoing Jon Busch’s recent statements in a letter to the editor, I also will not contribute to Aspen Public Radio, which the new brooms are trying to promote as Aspen Community Radio (“Remember what Aspen Public Radio did,” June 17, What a farce!

NPR, and KAJX because of its choice of programming, have become shrill, shallow, repetitive, racist and boring. Surely this can’t be what the young and the minorities crave!

Most of KAJX’s resources are poured into the digital side of the operation. One wonders how many people actually occupy their offices anymore. Lazy dregs seems to be doled out to the radio side as if anybody who is anybody goes online for everything. A handful of good shows, often repeated three times a week as filler, is meant to give the offhanded appearance of intelligence and creativity echoing a whiff of the old NPR and KAJX.

I doubt the culture change at NPR can survive, and maybe that’s the idea. As for KAJX … well, Sy, you truly will be missed, even by your detractors.

Patricia Milligan