Cut RFTA funding off |

Cut RFTA funding off

I’d like to draw a parallel between my company and the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority. I started my construction company in 1986 in Basalt. It was only through hard work, long hours and the making of good business decisions that I was able to make it a success. If I hadn’t done all these things and provided a valuable service to my customers, then the business wouldn’t have lasted long. I was unable to turn anywhere else for support.

When the bus company was started, I thought: That’s fine. If there’s a need and if the service can be supported by the users (fares), then more power to them. Shortly, the bus company became RFTA and started receiving federal and state funds and then sales tax revenue. Still I thought maybe they were providing a valuable service and reducing congestion (the jury is still out on that because I see too many buses with very few if any riders). The mismanagement and extravagant spending really took off because of all the “free” money. How many $8,000 concrete eggs did we buy and how many people do they transport? RFTA was given its own lanes and its own rules and laws so that they could attract more riders. Still, they say they can’t sustain service and they are asking for what amounts to a nearly 25 percent increase in their annual budget! I say it’s time to cut them off. RFTA is like a spoiled child who will keep asking for more as long as we give it to them so they don’t have to run it like a business.

David Brown


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