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Curvy comments

A lot of damn curves in the news lately. The graph of Lake Mead’s water level continues its decade-long decline. You mean I can’t use as much as I can afford? Damn. The steepest part of the COVID-19 infection curve means I actually have to care about public health, damn: That has to do with zero available ER rooms available at my local hospitals for emergency surgery, damn, damn and damn.

And then there’s the grand-daddy curve of them all, the Keeling Curve. American scientist Keeling started it in the 1950s from the top of Hawaii and it is proof positive that after two centuries of burning fossil fuels believing “hey, this stuff will never end” and “I don’t see any long-term cumulative problems” that we have a problem. Ignoring it doesn’t help. We need positive, hopeful and optimistic people to solve this.

Thankfully, with Tesla and Aptera Motors taking the lead in vehicle evolution, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s wonderful to see American start-ups running circles around old-school legacy automakers. It’s so American. It’s so “pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”

Tom Mooney


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