Crystal Valley trail process excludes the people |

Crystal Valley trail process excludes the people

It’s time to vote for Pitkin County commissioner — and time to throw out the incumbents. They paint themselves as pro-environment and wildlife — a hollow, manipulative pose. What passes for political process with this board is a joke. Their decisions are basically their agendas and are made behind closed doors.

Pitco approved the Coal Basin mountain bike park Oct. 24 despite testimony from Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the U.S. FOrest Service of almost certain detrimental impacts upon declining elk herds, and the impossibility of patrolling bandit trails into wilderness that will grow. The applicants stated they’d “provide recreation and access to … forested areas.” Like we need to ruin more places by penetrating into wilderness.

Pitco ignored CPW, USFS and another lopsided vote by Crystal River Caucus, which why even have a caucus? A small upvalley group made another decision on how they will hasten the development and sterilization of our home. They will continue to pursue their agenda with the Carbondale-Crested Butte tail, influencing opinion gathering and cherry-picking results as they always have.

The sheriff always makes excuses about lack of staff for problems on Highway 133, Penny Hot Springs, etc, yet Pitco has millions for a bike path? Maybe Pitco can patrol Coal Basin park now, too?

Like many, I bought property here because it hasn’t been ruined like upvalley, and I resent this board ruling from afar and wrecking what’s left of our mountain experience while claiming to care so much. If citizens are allowed to speak at meetings, you might get 3 minutes to speak on something that will affect the rest of your life and may get treated rudely by County Commissioner Patti Clapper while developers are allowed to filibuster meetings with repetition ad nauseum.

You don’t represent me. Is there a candidate who truly cares about the Crystal River Valley? Step up, please.

David Johnson