Crown Mountain Park is prudent use of tax dollars |

Crown Mountain Park is prudent use of tax dollars

I am writing to urge voters to vote “yes” on the Crown Mountain Park proposal. The revenues from the current property taxes are simply inadequate and, in my opinion, the proposed uses of funds represent a prudent use of tax dollars from the property owners in the district.

First, as a resident of this district, I have seen how valuable this Park and its operations are to our regional community, our kids, and our businesses. My wife and many other residents walk in the Park regularly and often with their dogs. Kids from all over the valley play soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, tennis and lacrosse. Runners enjoy the paths. The regional lacrosse events, which I have enjoyed as a grandfather, draw hundreds and maybe thousands annually to local restaurants and retail businesses.

Second, as a fiscal conservative, it seems prudent to me that we, as taxpayers, take care of the valuable assets we have already invested in. Every sustainable business requires the owner to plan over years and spend adequate moneys for on-going replacement of their assets on which the operations depend. In the case of Crown Mountain Park, we need to take care of the infrastructure –however unsexy this may seem.

Finally, and in response to some well-intentioned critics who think the bond issue is too open ended, I urge you to review the 56-page Reserve Study prepared for the District Board in October 2016. The photographs of the failing infrastructure are vivid. The careful year-by year capital expenditures include detailed line items such as $45,338 to replace cracking concrete and cumulative totals over some years of $ 1,217,575 to repair and replace asphalt and $1,621,993 to replace the extensive irrigation system. It appears to me that the Board and Staff have done their homework and will be good stewards of the moneys we approve.

Remembering the battle cry “taxation without representation”, I remind all voters that each of us has a chance to serve on the District Board whose members are elected by all of us.

Jim Light