Crown Mountain Park an invaluable asset |

Crown Mountain Park an invaluable asset

We are writing this letter to show our family’s support of Crown Mountain Park. We feel strongly about supporting the park and truly appreciate the vision and foresight that Floyd Crawford, Dale Grant and Dick Gustafson had when they orchestrated the land swap between Eagle County and the U. S. Forest Service. We’re not sure that such a deal would even be in the cards today, especially for such an accessible, large and valuable piece of property. It’s worth noting that the park’s usage from the time of its inception has grown beyond what anyone could have imagined 15 years ago. Yet, the multi-use park, open to the public, centrally located in the Roaring Fork Valley, taking in close to 128 acres has been trying to function and be maintained on a budget approved in 2003. It’s worth noting that the valley’s population and demographics have grown and changed dramatically. Last year alone, well over a quarter-million people visited Crown Mountain Park. Incredibly, there were nearly 100,000 dog visits, as well. It’s not feasible that such a well-loved and utilized facility should be asked to continue in serving the many people who benefit from its existence without being properly funded. Although our family lives outside of the recreational district in Garfield County, we recognize what an asset Crown Mountain Park is, not just to our family but the community and the valley as a whole. We are committed to financially supporting the park and its future and we will be sending a donation to Crown Mountain Park and Rec. We encourage and invite everyone that utilizes, enjoys and benefits from Crown Mountain Park and Recreation to do the same. If you enjoy the park and its many uses, it’s time to step up to the plate and be part of the solution. Here’s to the health, vitality and well-being of our community, our valley and Crown Mountain Park.

The Piccinati-Curtis Family