Cross-country etiquette |

Cross-country etiquette

The sun is out, and the cross-country skiing is great. Our free-of-charge, community-run cross-country trails are not to be taken for granted, so this writer would like to make a couple of points.

Like other recreation resources, using our trails comes with responsibilities for protecting the resource and the enjoyment of others. The best thing one can do is observe the first rule: skis or snowshoes only on the skiing trails. Walking on trails damages the groom that is designed for optimum skiing. Walking may seem harmless, but to a skier on skinny skis, post-holes present a hazard and a nuisance. For ski and snowshoe gear, visit our local outfitters and the Aspen Nordic Center.

Look trail side for large rectangular signs with maps and orange circular signs that clearly spell out trail rules, including information about which trails are open and closed to walking and skiing with dogs. Out of fairness to the cross-country ski and snowshoe community, please respect our amazing trails and each other. Let’s do this out of gratitude for the abundance that surrounds us. Additional information is available at

Matt Dubé

Snowmass Village