Crocodile tears for KAJX DJs |

Crocodile tears for KAJX DJs

This letter concerning the unfairness of it all concerning KAJX’s DJs has been delayed due to my need for more and still more Kleenex. Having temporarily recovered, I’d like to point out that no one has mentioned the “unfairness” of musicians having their work appropriated by others without compensation. “Appropriated“ in this case being a euphemism for “stolen.”

I don’t know all of the KAJX DJs, but Dan Sadowski is probably the only one who could bring a couple of instruments and his sidekick Pastor Mustard to a show and provide music and humor in a self-contained and original fashion.

Songwriters are compensated for broadcast performance through ASCAP and BMI. Recording musicians who bring those songs to life are not, unless they wrote the song.

This situation helps one to understand how the racehorse must feel when the judges give the jockey the silver cup.

Bill Parish