Critical thinking goes MIA |

Critical thinking goes MIA

Remember when 50 former CIA officials signed a letter claiming Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Russian-led hoax and you were a Russian empathizer if you thought the whole situation should have been investigated further?

Remember when the Russian dossier was pushed as a legitimate intelligence report and former President Trump was “compromised” for Russia?

How sad that now mainstream news sources can reverse their stances, confirm Hunter Biden’s laptop is legitimate, yet face little backlash from their viewers/readers. Where is the accountability? Should these news sources be blindly trusted going forward?

Now add the Ukraine-Russia situation. Maybe it is simple and Russia is just evil and wants Ukrainian territory. Given recent abject failures by our media to cover anything related to Russia, it would be refreshing to see more questioning. Look back a few years to see how Ukraine was considered “one of the most corrupt governments in Europe” being “over-run by Nazis” by the mainstream media. Now they are portrayed as some of the most noble leaders in history.

Should we disregard Ukraine’s well-documented Nazi battalions and corrupt dealings? Should we disregard recent history of the media failing to actually seek truth regarding anything Russia?

We shouldn’t, but most will because being told what to think is much easier than thinking critically.

Chase McWhorter