Crash shows dangerous section of Highway 82

The horrific six-car accident on Highway 82 between the Emma Road turnoff and the Basalt light speaks volumes and begs for immediate action from the Colorado Department of Transportation and local highway officials. The stretch where the accident occurred is one of the darkest and most dangerous speedways on the entire Highway 82 stretch both up and down valley.

Aside from the fact practically no one pays attention to the 45 mile speed limit, one of the major problems is the jersey walls that separate the lanes going in each direction. Both sections of the theoretically safety walls end and begin on curves in the highway. Neither lane, coming or going, is lit with any real signal to warn drivers to keep from inadvertently wandering into the oncoming lanes. Yes, there are two ugly orange barrels in the middle of the road but they are totally useless. How about a couple “keep right” and “keep left” real flashing signs to warn drivers? And while officials are at it, how about taking a look at perhaps installing a flashing yellow light at the Emma Road intersection?

We obviously are not going to slow anybody down, but can we at least make it a tad safer.

Tom Korologos


Letter to the Editor