COVID rules are toothless without enforcement |

COVID rules are toothless without enforcement

I don’t understand why our public officials spend endless hours in meetings to develop health and safety protocols around COVID-19 mitigation, yet absolutely nothing seems to be done to enforce them?

The other day, as every day, I walked through the core at mid-day and saw countless people walking around with no masks. I’ve seen people inside businesses with no masks, patrons of restaurants walking through the place with no masks, and visitors exiting hotels with no masks. Even skiing, I waited in the long lines on Lift 3 and observed no social distancing and people all around me with their masks hanging off their neck .

Let’s get tough, Aspen, and get foot patrols to walk through the core and issue warnings and then pricey tickets to non-compliers, stopping randomly into businesses while they’re at it and issuing even bigger fines to business owners who don’t communicate to their employees that customer mask wearing must be enforced. Ditto for the ski areas.

The best-made plans aren’t worth a dime if the entities that create them don’t take enforcement much more seriously. Who wants to be shut down just because the simplest method of reducing COVID-19 spread isn’t enforced?

Katherine McMillan