COVID is real |

COVID is real

To my friend Maurice Emmer: We often joke about your steady stream of letters to the editor(s). In some cases I agree with your thoughts, but the recent letter regarding a COVID “panic” is irresponsible and out of character for you; you are too intelligent to be spewing dangerous political nonsense, this is not the seasonal flu (“Time to fight back against virus ‘crisis,’” July 12,

I give you the following regarding the severity of this pandemic: A number of my good friends contracted COVID very early on this winter and each was laid flat for more than a month. They described it as the worst they had ever felt and they could barely breath. In my immediate family (all in different parts of the U.S.) my sister, ex-wife, stepmother all had mild cases, all of my parents’ caregivers contracted COVID and some were extremely sick. My 20-year-old son, who is in top shape, had a very difficult case and it took him six weeks to recover; my father died and we will bury him when my other two sisters who are recovering from cancer treatment can attend his internment; no one could be at his side when he passed.

If you are so convinced that this is the “Progressive’s attempt to destroy this country,” then I am sure you can find someone COVID positive and spend a few hours breathing in their air. Please report back in a month and let us know whether “this has gone too far.”

Mac Cunningham