COVID-19 test results in question

Cases are at an all-time high. Stress, anxiety, worry and fear are becoming unbearable for people. Extreme actions and decisions are happening.

What if all of this was based on bad or wrong information?

I realize that asking questions these days may run the risk of being labeled some uncomplimentary name but sometimes the questions need to be asked.

Recently the decision was made to discontinue the use of Curative COVID-19 tests. The reason was because the efficacy of the test is questionable.

Is it OK to ask if the PCR test that is being done is providing accurate information?

Dr. Anthony Fauci has stated that the cycle thresholds and the false positive rates are critical to determining the accuracy of the PCR tests. He has stated that cycle thresholds above a certain level renders the tests meaningless. Yet, the FDA has been recommending that the tests be run at levels way above the recommended levels.

Guess what? Nobody knows what these parameters are in reported test results!

On Inauguration Day, the WHO revised its recommendations to reduce the cycle thresholds because the test was too sensitive.

Many lab results only report a positive or negative result. They do not indicate the CT. We are missing critical information to tell if someone is infectious, or even if they are sick.

In the past, a case meant that someone was sick. Now it means that they have a positive test result and does not mean that they are sick.

Perhaps it’s time to examine if the tests are accurate. If such drastic measures are being taken, shouldn’t they be based on accurate information? If not, then arbitrary decisions are being made.

Is the cure becoming worse than the disease? Is the emperor wearing clothes?

Tom Lankering