COVID-19 or 5G … what’s the real threat?

I’m writing to be heard and be outspoken about the reclamation of sovereign rights. This is about the virus protocol and 5G.

Regarding the virus protocol, our civil rights are being disregarded at a great cost. The fear and loss of livelihood is far more damaging than the actual flu. The outrageous restrictions are stripping people of their right to autonomy and treating the population as children who need extreme authoritative commands — dictatorship. It also is furthering the false idea that we need outside intervention to be healthy.

This country is founded on personal freedoms and choices. Mandating all people to quarantine is morally wrong. Just because someone is saying this is a good idea doesn’t make it right. There is plenty of information from intelligent doctors who very clearly, with documented studies, have proven the irresponsible reaction to a virus that hasn’t even been isolated. The testing available is testing for genetic material which most people have, thereby showing many false positives. They are not testing for an identified virus. There is also confirmation that the death toll is exaggerated because they are being attributed to COVID-19 even though there are multiple morbidities. The psychological and economic fatalities from the handling this are far more grave.

The 5G has been warned about by many. There are thousands of studies confirming the biological damage from all Gs, 5G looking far more dangerous, yet no studies proving safety.

How can one feel at peace with oneself by going along with this sheep mentality? Just because a directive has been dished out does not make it right.

I urge you to stand up for our biological sovereignty and civil liberties. Become curious and educated beyond mainstream media. Listen to the following doctors on YouTube (if they haven’t been censored yet).

Drs. Shiva Ayyadurai, Thomas Cowan, Rashid Buttar, Andrew Kaufman, Sherrie Tenpenny and Joseph Mercola (read his book EMF’d) to name a few. Go to

Candice Claire Oksenhorn