COVID-19 exposes Trump |

COVID-19 exposes Trump

I agree with more than a few physicians and scientists who have proclaimed that if our leaders had taken heed when first alerted of COVID-19 back in January, we as a nation would not be on lockdown. If we had prepared. Let that sink in.

This president and his administration of incompetence have blood on their hands. This president is responsible for the shutdown of our nation. He is responsible for American suffering and our continued struggles — emotionally, physically and financially.

A family member insists that I give too much credit to politicians and their power. “They’re all bad,” he attempts to remind me. The truth is that is not entirely true. We are a gravely divided nation at present and yet there are good people in government who genuinely want to serve and make a difference. And there are bad actors whose only interest is self-serving, whether it be lining their pockets and propping up a rouge ego in search of limitless power. This president is the latter and prior to COVID-19, inconceivably dangerous.

We are currently made starkly aware of just how dangerous an inept, unqualified, egomaniac at the helm of our country is. Is now the time that we will awaken from our apathetic slumbers and realize how imperative a conscious, deliberate and educated vote is? It is up to us to course-correct after this most devastating experience. Through this tragedy, we are forced to realize that we do need the government to protect and serve the masses. How ironic that it took a global pandemic to palpably understand the result of disintegrating our ability to govern. We must be the difference we seek in the world and we must choose leaders who are capable of leading and we must vote accordingly.

Donald Trump trolls need not weigh in as I stopped taking into consideration your perspective when you chose to follow an a-moral man whose intent is to have a segment of our country drink his Kool-Aid. You are poisoned by that potion and clearly are not thinking clearly.

Hillary Maley


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