Cover up for the common good |

Cover up for the common good

Hey, Roaring Fork Valley. Wake up. Covid is not a political issue. It is definitely a public health issue. Entire countries don’t shut down because of the common cold. COVID-19 is highly contagious and deadly. If you are not going to wear a mask or physically distance, you need to stay home. You are encroaching on our community’s health and safety.

You don’t live on a private island. You live in a community. Show some personal responsibility. Stop potentially killing your neighbors.

You think the face mask is uncomfortable. I am pretty sure a breathing tube is more uncomfortable. You’re young, you’ll survive … maybe, but will your mom? It just takes one person to spread COVID-19 exponentially. Stop yelling about your personal freedom when you could be a deadly weapon.

Yes, you have the freedom to not physically distance or wear a mask, but it is kind of like drinking and driving. You are not only endangering yourself but those around you. We are in the midst of a pandemic. Your cavalier attitude wouldn’t exist if there was no lag time and people started keeling over around you. Your actions have consequences, possibly deadly ones.

I encourage people to speak up to keep our community healthy. Social pressure is powerful. We live in a society and we are all trying to survive. Be compassionate, kind and responsible. Wear a mask and give some space.

Elizabeth Mullen


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