Councilwoman Richards explains her ballot choices

I’m voting yes on referred measure B repealing the Gallagher Amendment that hurts small business and special districts’ budgets (fire, schools) and yes to city of Aspen question 2B for K-12 education — both key to investing in our children and our future.

I’m voting for Diane Mitsch-Bush for Congress. She is honest, hardworking and highly qualified, and doesn’t cater to militias and QAnon cultist. I support John Hickenlooper for Senate because he doesn’t deny science, knows that the changing climate is already impacting us; and both John and Diane support Colorado’s outdoor recreational economy and the CORE Act, while their opponents do not.

I am voting against Proposition 113 because it limits the medical care that a woman could receive. These are personal choices that the government shouldn’t be involved in.

I’m also a no on 116 & 117, which decreases state’s revenues and ability to provide services. K-12 funding is around $500 million less than pre-recession ’08 levels resulting in four-day school weeks across our state, greatly reduced higher-ed funding. Look at the disrepair of our state highways. Why cut funding when we aren’t investing in our roads or schools as we did 12 years ago?

Steve Child and Francine Jacober are my choice for local leadership. Both have respect for those of different opinions, they work to solve problems not to inflame, politicize or exploit them. They understand than these are complex times, with troubling issues that defy simplistic slogans, issues that are only solved only by working with regional partners and municipalities, not running roughshod over those communities’ character or desired outcomes. Francine and Steve respect the land and the people and will offer a balanced and thoughtful approach to the disruptive, dynamic, and challenging world we face going into 2021.

Rachel Richards