Councilman needs to recuse himself from city offices discussion |

Councilman needs to recuse himself from city offices discussion

This letter originally was sent to the Aspen mayor, City Council and city attorney and forwarded to The Aspen Times:

Ward Hauenstein broke the City’s Code of Ethics Section 2.02.110 and needs to be recused from any discussions on the city offices referendum petition lawsuits and purchase contract for 517 Hopkins Ave./240 Galena St.

After reading The Aspen Times article “City councilman pressing duo suing city,” it is apparent to me that Ward broke the city’s own Code of Ethics Section 2.02.110 as he:

(b) has not remained impartial and has made his final decision before a full and open public hearing on city offices has occurred;

(c) communicated outside the public meeting/hearing process on pending matters;

(d) has taken a public position on a pending matter before all evidence is submitted at a meeting where he is supposed to take direct official action;

(e) has not avoided any conduct that would lead a reasonably prudent person to believe that Ward has not prejudged the matter;

(f) has not prevented his personal feelings from entering into the decision-making process and his personal bias has reached a level where he cannot make an impartial decisions based on the facts in the record;

(g) after consulting with the City Attorney’s Office decided not to follow the city attorney’s communication.

By Ward’s own admission and actions, he has violated the City’s Code of Ethics, prejudged the city offices issue and is unable to remain impartial.

Toni Kronberg

Snowmass Canyon

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