Council overstepping boundaries on parking |

Council overstepping boundaries on parking

No parking spaces should be eliminated. In fact, the council should abandon their utopian notions and build an underground parking structure to accommodate shoppers and workers. Autos are not going to disappear because Steve Skadron attended a conference in Paris.

This council spends time choosing a restaurant operator, a subject of which they know nothing, acquiring water storage based on a fear of global warming and looking for trendy mobility solutions to a problem of their own creation. If they were mindful of the consequence of reducing access to retail (reduced sales tax) then they would abandon these childish schemes. Murdoch’s “ no chain store initiative”, if not reversed, will slowly bankrupt the city and result in Aspen having all the glamour and appeal of Kansas. This mobility initiative is the consequence of hiring experts certain to affirm the council’s belief system.

Space limits a listing of the absurd decisions made, the poor executions delivered and the slow and certain degradation of a lovely and prosperous community. Never have I seen such an egregious example of elected officials self-credentialing based entirely on the notion that getting elected provides some insight into effective governance.

Mike Stopler