Council is next stop for Mesirow’s evolution

I’m writing you today to share my strong support for Skippy Mesirow for Aspen City Council. I first met Skippy during his first semester at the University of Colorado, Boulder. I learned quickly that Skippy is a kind, generous human being with a deep passion for other people. While he moved here to attend our university, he truly found his calling and his home in Aspen. Unlike most students, Skippy had chosen to take courses during the summer and fall terms so that he could live in Aspen during the ski season as a lover of the community. During several trips to visit Skippy in Aspen, I could see the passion, even as a college student, that he had for the community and for the outdoors.

Over the years, our close friendship has continued because of his genuine nature and generosity of spirit. I have had the unique ability to see Skippy grow from a compassionate young student to a man of incredible ethics, trustworthiness, faith and friendship. The truth is that, unlike so many others I’ve known, these qualities are inherent in Skippy’s nature and have translated into becoming a trusted community member and leader in the city he loves so much.

I’ve witnessed Skippy’s dedication to many causes in Aspen — whether as a member of the Aspen Democracy Initiative or Aspen’s Next Generation Commission or rolling up his sleeves and showing that one man can have a difference, such as working on sustainable farms, in exchange for organic crops, to directly support farmers in the mountain area. He takes these actions and involves himself not for notoriety or recognition but because he believes that success and generosity can become infectiously beneficial to all. I’ve watched as he’s taken an active role in encouraging business growth and entrepreneurship in the Pitkin County and emerge as a leader of action over words.

Skippy Mesirow is a candidate for City Council who will make a difference in the community because he has an unshakable belief structure and a strong sense of self. He believes in the best of everyone and will lend a hand to help someone reach their fullest potential.

To me, Skippy embodies what it means to be a Coloradan. His pioneer spirit brought him to our state and has shaped him into a man that I am proud to call my friend. I encourage your editorial staff to endorse his candidacy and your citizenry to vote for him for City Council. Skippy is a man of service and given the chance, he will show that his open minded nature will bring creditability and respect to this non-partisan body of government, which I hope we can all agree is needed now more than ever.

Aaron Culbertson