Corporations take lead on gun control |

Corporations take lead on gun control

Thank you, Wal-Mart! Thank you for stopping the sale of handguns and ammunition used in handguns and military-style weapons in your stores following the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings. Thanks also to the several companies that have joined you in taking a stand against open-carry in their stores to help protect employees and customers from gun violence. And a belated thank you to Dick’s Sporting Goods for halting altogether assault-style gun sales in its stores after the Parkland massacre.

Given the recalcitrance of the Senate to take up the House’s gun control measures or to put forward any of its own, business leaders are stepping up. According to the New York Times (Sept. 12, 2019), the heads of 145 companies have shared a letter written to Senate leaders urging an expansion of background checks to all firearms sales and stronger red flag laws. Kudos!

These actions by businesses are a good start for a national response to too many guns and too easy access to them. The business community has recognized it’s high time to do something. So should we all.

Joyce Jenkins

Glenwood Springs