Corporate media no friend of Bernie Sanders |

Corporate media no friend of Bernie Sanders

This letter is a follow-up to “Hampshire is next, and Dems still have no idea who can beat Trump,” (Mike Littwin, commentary, Feb. 9,

Littwin’s view of the Democratic Party primary elections is typical of the corporate media right now. The corporate media is putting all of this pressure on the Democratic Party and the DNC to choose one candidate (not elect) barely as the primary election season starts. I see this in the daily news coverage by the major television networks and newspaper columnists. The corporate media is very impatient with the DNC and this primary process. Rigged or not, the Democratic primaries need to play out. Much of the whining and complaining about the current status is very evident in the primary coverage by MSNBC. MSNBC is mad because Sanders is winning. MSNBC is the worst basher of Bernie!

MSNBC has a habit of choosing the nominee for the Democratic Party before the primary elections begin. Such was the case with Hillary Clinton. Chuck Todd picked Clinton to be the nominee in December 2014 long before the 2016 primaries began. In 2020, MSNBC, The Associated Press and much of the corporate media had Joe Biden leading in the polls five minutes after he announced his candidacy in April 2019. In late 2019, corporate media was pushing Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Since Biden and Warren have faded, they are pushing Sen. Amy Klobuchar. If Klobuchar fades, MSNBC will most likely push billionaire Michael Bloomberg as the Democratic Party nominee. The DNC will obey the wishes of MSNBC and pick Bloomberg as the nominee.

MSNBC has become the National Enquirer of national television. After last Friday nights’ debate, Chris Matthews, host of “Hard Ball,” went on one of his rants comparing Sanders to Cuba’s Fidel Castro. Castro was a Communist. During coverage of the New Hampshire primary, Todd, host of “Meet the Press,” used a guest’s comments to compare the online supporters of Sanders to Nazis. Anchor Brian Williams is no angel either. Professional journalism has left the building at MSNBC.

So far, the corporate media and the DNC are for anyone but Bernie. Sanders was cheated by the corporate media and the DNC in 2016. Again, Sanders is being cheated by these same two culprits in 2020. The corporate news media would rather have Trump win re-election than have a Sanders presidency.

Randy Fricke

New Castle